Shower Screens

Framed screens

We offer fully-framed pivot and sliding shower screens in all configurations, with a standard color range to suit your needs.
Framed shower screens are a great way to modernize your bathroom without the added expense of renovating your entire bathroom.
Pivot shower screens with a magnetic closing door and handle that is incorporated into the door rather having shower handles break
Sliding shower screens with a pulley system for a triple slider to avoid loud clunking noise when closing


A semi-frameless screen is a more modern shower screen with a slimmer frame system than the framed shower screen.
We can offer a pivoting or sliding semi-framed shower system depending on your needs.


 frameless shower screen is a shower screen that has no framing around it in any way. Instead, it is held in place using special clamps or fixings where the panels meet the wall and/or floor

Fully frameless shower screens are completely frameless using 10mm clear toughened safety glass and chrome fittings to suit.
This type of shower screen is by far the most modern in the market today and can make a great deal of difference to the appearance of your bathroom.
We offer to slide and pivoting version of a frameless shower screen.

Baths and Hobs

 we can install all these systems over a bath or hob as needed

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