Mirror, Glass or Vinyl Robes

We offer sliding wardrobe doors custom made to suit your desired needs and opening sizes up to 2700 high and 4800 wide framed style of the wardrobe door.
We use a mirror, painted white, painted black, vinyl and plasterboard inserts into doors.
We offer a wide range of standard colors and powder coated colors to choose from.

We offer a full selection of the DIAS range. See the full range …Here

Other Options;

Sliding Wardrobe Doors are also available in the following finishes:

Plasterboard – supplied as raw plasterboard Sheet which can be painted to match any colour you like
Vinyl – vinyl coated plasterboard to match the colours of the sliding door frames and tracks, available in standard colours
Mirror – create the illusion of space and add light to your room
Translucent glass – with a slight green tint
White glass – with a brilliant super white colour
Painted glass – using any colour to match your décor
Printed glass – a bold statement, use your favourite image printed life size in full colour

Mirror Versus Vinyl Robes

Change the appearance of your room by opting for our mirror or vinyl robe door. Manufactured with a highly reflective finish and vinyl backing, our mirror robe doors are capable of spreading the available light without taking up any floor space. On the other hand, our vinyl doors are made from top grade and extremely tough PVC vinyl, and also treated with antibacterial treatment for protection against mildew growth. Both the door types are very easy to clean and can last for a decade if cared for properly.

Mirrored robe doors are perfect to go with contemporary spaces as well as minimalist design trends where each and every feature plays an aesthetic role. Even if you have a classic, industrial, traditional, art deco or chic setting, our mirrored robe doors with anodised or powder coated aluminium frames would be more than ideal for it. They look incredibly amazing and perform excellently even after years of usage. The vinyl backed mirror helps to spread more light within a room and also creates the illusion of extra area.

  • 4mm vinyl backing
  • Anodised or powder coated aluminium frame
  • High quality glass, manufactured as per Australian Standards
  • Durable finish


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