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The Carinya Classic High Performance Sliding Window is a new development not previously available in the residential category for Australia’s most demanding terrain requirements.

Besides a modern designer look, the Carinya Classic High Performance Sliding Window is packed with a multitude of performance features, many of which are simply not available in competing products

  • Rather than unsightly exposed tracks found in most residential
    windows, Carinya has a complete range of threshold and jamb
    infills as well as end caps to conceal all cavities. This not only
    provides a superior quality, commercial grade finish but also
    minimises places for insects, dirt and grit to gather
  • A range of attractive interlock options to meet a wide variety of
    wind load requirements
  • Sills to suit the most severe conditions of residential
  • Stainless rollers and optional stainless cover track are also available
    for coastal environments, allowing for enduring performance and
  • Carinya Sliding Window Lock provides functionality and varying finish
    options for your project. This functional retractable handle design
    allows for ease of use and utilises 5 pin cylinder security for peace
    of mind.
  • To maximise the performance of your sliding window we have
    utilised our proprietary Alspec roller system used throughout Alspecs
    commercial range.

The entire Carinya Collection has been fully tested to meet or exceed Australian Standards AS2047, AS1170, AS1191 and AS3959.

Maximum Sash Height:1800mm
Maximum Sash Width:1200mm
Maximum Glass Thickness:Thickness:12mm or 18mm IGU
Maximum Sash Weight:160kg
Frame width available in :92mm

Our Malone Glass Design Team can help with the standard configurations below, as well as custom options to suit your requirements
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Contact the Malone Glass Team and we will send out our technicians to measure up your windows and provide you with a quotation. Depending on your requirements the process can take as little as 4 to 6 weeks.

 Malone Glass 07 5524 9024

This is a Good Question. Most times you will not require a builder. Particularly the case if the windows you are installing are the same size as the ones you currently have. There may be some cases where you will require additional trades to complete your install however Malone Glass are also licenced Builders and can organise your project from start to finish. Please read our FAQ page or our page Window overview for more information.
Now you can install green, green glass at home – with designer style!

The Carinya Collection of aluminium framed windows and doors has been specifically designed to be environmentally friendly, reflecting Carinya’s commercial market heritage, where thermal and acoustic performance are often critical.

Of all building materials including glass, timber and masonry only one material is 100% recyclable – Aluminium.

Windows are vital to the energy efficiency of any home. Research by the Sustainable Windows Alliance of Australia shows the typical Australian home can achieve an increase of 2 to 2.5 stars energy efficiency simply by upgrading the windows.

Unlike many aluminium windows, Carinya has been designed for all major forms of eco-friendly glazing options without any alteration to the frame or any unsightly add-ons.

Carinya frames are designed for eco-friendly Low E glass, high thermal and high acoustic performance 10.5mm glazing. To maximise the energy efficiency of your glazing discuss your project with The  Malone Glass Team and/or your architect or designer.

Remember the three most important issues for achieving maximum energy efficiency in a home are:

    • Orientation – always try and have living areas facing north with seasonal shading.
    • Insulation.
    • Window quality and performance.

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